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The USA has 4 million miles of road systems which is six times the distance of a round trip between the Earth and Moon. There are 43,400 traffic accident casualties per year in the United States, or 119 people per day. Our new transportation technology aims to save lives, improve travel experience, optimize product delivery times , and reduce the cost of energy and infrastructure construction.​

We build new electronics, software, and full systems for specialty drones for purposes such as advertisement and transportation.




Dronicar Inc. is a Delaware company operating in Virginia. Dronicar received it's first investement and NASA Start Up License for Solar and Microwave Powered Airship Drones on September 26th, 2016 after developing a solar powered airship in 2011 at NASA Langley Research Center.

Latest News



Dronicar Inc. recently attended AUVSI Xponential 2017 and showcased its latest Advertisement Drone design. We've received feedback from many interested parties and are working on furthering developing our concepts and designs.




Click below to view a full listing of the drones designed, programmed, and built by Dronicar. Designs include the Solar Powered Heavy Cargo Transportation Airship, Advertisement Airship, and other projects currently in development.

​We appreciate the late Dr. Kunik Lee (~3/4/2017, US DoT civil servant officer) who initiated and supported the Green Energy Powered Airship Program for Heavy Cargo Transportation which was built at NASA Langley in 2011 with support from the Department of Transportation.
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