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of the Year


B.S from SNU

Former Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Aerospace, supported NASA Langley Research Center for 12 years

CEO & CTO Ethan-Yeonjoon Park

Attorney (VA, MD)


JD from CUA Law

B.S. from SNU

CFO/CLO ByoungJo Kang Esq. 

Former Senior Engineer at Arcadis

MASC from University of Waterloo

BASC from University of Waterloo

Based in Canada

External Adviser Kristian Doerken

Marketing Expert: David Woojin Lee

Marketing and Business Adviser

B.S. from SNU

Computer Engineering Major at Christopher Newport University

Member of CNU UAS Team

Semi-Finalist in Student UAS Competition

UAS/IT Staff Sadie Rynestad

UAS/IT Staff Bryan Petty

Computer Engineering & Computer Science Major at CNU

Former Junior Researcher at CNU

Former Junior Information Technology Aid at CNU

UAS/IT Staff Rachel McCown

Computer Science Major at CNU

Information Sciences Minor at CNU

Junior App developer and Web designer


Our team is lead by an expert who designed and built a six meter (20 ft.) long Solar Powered Airship for Heavy Cargo Transportation at NASA Langley Research Center in 2011, supported by the Department of Transportation. Dr. Ethan Yeonjoon Park is the receiver of two inventor's awards at NASA Langley, holds over twenty patents, and is a dedicated engineer and UAV expert.
Dronicar Inc. was launched in 2016 in response to the FAA establishing new policy for commercial drones and a desire to expand on the idea developed in 2011. We are designers, engineers, programmers, and testers of new unmanned aerial technology with a focus on commercial uses of airship drones for purposes such as advertisement, transportation of cargo, and data collection aid.